Work Experience Abroad in Mbale

The children were very happy about Johannas visit

On 1 October 2012, Johanna began her work experience placement at “hope” in our project area in Mbale.

She is therefore our first intern!

After passing her final secondary school exams, Johanna wished to broaden her own personal horizon; therefore she decided to pursue a meaningful and practical activity, and applied to “hope” for a two-month assignment to the project area in Kenya.

She has already accompanied our coordinator, Recky Awino Kyalo, for 14 days. Recky provides her support when it comes to dealing with the situation in Mbale, with which it can sometimes be very difficult to cope. Despite the, at times, incomprehensible fate of the people, there are also many pleasant and positive daily experiences. For example, regularly meeting our nursery school children, with whom Johanna plays, sings and does handicrafts.

Furthermore, her work experience also includes contributing to the planning and organisation of new projects.

Now – after a mere 14 days – Johanna is already able notice that her own personal horizon is being expanded on a daily basis: through saddening twists of fate, stupefying conditions, but also though children’s eyes full of hope, and the many positive encounters with endearing and also thoroughly cheerful people.