Medical camps

Medical Camp Christmas 2010

Doctors and Nurses work hand in hand together, that all the waiting children got medical treatment..

Special Christmas Presents:

Maize, rice and medical aid

We are delighted that we could realise a support project, which had initially been planned for 2011, in time for Christmas.

On 23rd December 2010, at around 6:30 a.m. local time, our coordinator, Recky Awino Kyalo, left Kisumu (Kenya) with a team of doctors and nurses to head towards the Western Province.

Children and adults there needed to undergo medical check-ups/medical treatment.

On arriving at their destination, the church – which served as waiting room, examination room and pharmacy – was already completely full with patients. Most of those present would today come into contact with a doctor for the first time ever. This fact is all the more alarming as many of the visitors, young and old, were/are suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

Up until shortly before dusk fell, patients were examined, diagnosed, treated and – where necessary – further examinations and treatments were arranged.

On this 23rd December, exactly 100 children and 32 adults received medical attention.

In addition to medical treatment, every patient received – as a second Christmas present – four kilograms of maize and four kilograms of rice each. Thus, we were able to supply the donations directly and without

So happy to get some food

bureaucracy (without administration fees or other “charges”) to our target group in East Africa, in order to ensure that families in need received medical care and a supply of staple foods.

hope is sincerely grateful for the support provided by donors and the great interest shown in our work in the Western Province, Kenya.