Blankets , Rice and Salt….

December 2011

Right on time for Christmas , Recky Awino delivered 85 warm blankets, 200kg of rice and 100 packets of salt to the people being supported by us in Kenya – mainly women and children.

The blankets are important because the temperature in this relatively high-lying region sinks markedly at night.

Of course, each child also additionally received a small sweet.

Everyone thanked our co-ordinator, Recky, sincerely for these unexpected Christmas presents.

And we would like to thank all of our donors and sponsors for their support, without which we would be unable to carry out our work in Kenya.

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Good News

Didn’t they look nice with there new Schooluniforms?

Last week, our pre-school teacher had amazing surprises for the now 35 ! (in August there were only 25) nursery children:

All of them received a nursery uniform (which had been sewn by one single mother).

Starting immediately, all the children receive two warm and nourishing meals at the nursery every day; these meals can now be eaten from plates using cutlery and whilst sitting at tables and on benches. The meals are prepared by Margret Abong’a, a single mother raising three children.

In addition, learning material and games for the children are now also available for use.

These huge developments have enabled the sponsors and donors to “hope” to help the children have a humane life and a future.

For the first time in their lives, each of these children are regularly receiving one warm meal a day.

All of the materials were brought into the “hope project” by Recky Awino, our coordinator.

She was actively supported by Julius, a 17-year old young man, who the Boch family have sponsored privately over the past 10 years and who has developed well – despite his tragic childhood experiences.

During the holidays – he is currently training to become a car mechanic – he helped our coordinator with her work on the project.

Julius with little Beverly

In spite of these doubtlessly positive developments, new difficulties and problematic life experiences must also be faced time and again.

For example, some of the children have required immediate medical treatment because some of them were in life-threatening situations.

Good news

In such cases, we naturally took immediate measures.

You can support our project by making a donation or by undertaking to be a nursery sponsor.

A warm meal for our nursery children

” Children Feeding Program”

Juli 2011

In the coming days, we will begin our “Children Feeding Programme”. That means that all of the children in our nursery will receive a hearty meal once a day.

The drought and the famine it has caused in East Africa are also spreading to Kenya.

The consequences are not as appalling as they are in Somalia, which has been completely devastated by the civil war. However, the price of food in Kenya has increased so dramatically that many families are no longer in a position to buy enough provisions for all of their family members.

Some schools have also sent the children on holiday two weeks early, because they were not able to provide the school children enough to eat with the budget that was made available to them.

By means of our “Children Feeding Programme”, we will be able to take the burden off families and ensure that the older children in the family receive enough to eat.

You can support our “Children Feeding Programme” by making a donation or by sponsoring a child’s place at the nursery.

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